Pumpkin Crisp, Vegetable Chip


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What Faves is about.

Have you ever craved a quick, yummy, filling snack that's actually good for you? Well, that's where Faves originated. With a craving. We are about the good stuff. To create availability of good quality, nutrient dense foods. Our Fruit and Vegetable crisps are our first products that enables a healthier, yummier lifestyle.To be exact, you call it a "Low temperature fried fruit and vegetable crisp." What does this mean, you may ask? In short, we heat the vegetable oil in a low pressure chamber to around 80 degrees. (Normally to boil oil it has to be 180 - 220 degrees). Because of the low pressure mechanism, the water in the veggie starts to boil, while the oil is not yet at boiling point. As soon as the veggie reaches it's delicious crispy texture, we then extract all the moisture form the fruit or the veg and then spin out all the excess cool oils. Why is this good? Your Faves crisps are not exposed to boiling oil, which means, it retains most of it's nutrients, it has less carcinogens, it keeps it's natural color as well as it's yummy flavours. All of this without any additives or preservatives. 

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